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Sensitive hearts are like a pond, when you say or do something, it’s like you have tossed a rock into the heart of it, the repercussions go to every part of the pond. So be gentle, be kind, and be loving; for each action will be felt.

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Sunday market run on my day off. I went with the intention of simply getting things needed for tonight’s dinner, but who am I kidding? I can’t contain myself when it comes to Trader Joe’s. Somehow their flowers always end up in my shopping cart [I also may or may not have splurged on their amazing cookie butter]. Looking forward to having a sweet friend over for dinner – the first time since we’ve moved in!

No, it's not a question. I'm just going to sayyy.... Alethia, congratulations! It's such a joy to see you both, godly couple. And your tumblr posts... they're blessing me. Thanks, thank you! Warm hello from Indonesia *hugs* :))

Hello, Dear! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You taking time out of your day to send this my way brings me great joy. May everything I share always be only an encouragement and blessing to your soul, sweet girl.